Friday, December 21, 2018

Newsletter of the Leadership Section of the AALS

The Leadership Section of the AALS has started a newsletter.  You can find it here.

"The Newsletter contains announcements of programs and section activities, the results of a survey of leadership programs and courses at law schools and access to links to ten articles on leadership from the Conference on Advancing Leadership in the Legal Profession held last April at Santa Clara Law School."

"The Leadership Section was established in November 2017 to promote leadership development for law students and lawyers. Even though lawyers play leadership roles in society and with clients and leadership is a crucial skill that employers value, law schools have been slow to provide leadership development in contrast business, government, medical and most other schools. We are making progress to address this need. The number of law school that has leadership courses or programs has grown in the last 18 months from 18 to over 45."

(Scott Fruehwald) (hat tip: David Gibbs)

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