Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Survey of U.K. and International law firms finds lawyers are lacking in key IT and technology skills

The survey was conducted by a Law.com affiliate in the U.K. at the request of a legal technology company called Fulcrum GT. Here's the report from Law.com:

Skills Gap Blamed for Law Firms' Failure to Exploit Legal Tech

The poll identifies the need to improve skills training at all levels within law firms.


Law firms are failing to make the most of new technology and need to improve information technology skills across the board in order to do so, according to a survey conducted by Legal Week Intelligence.


Sixty-eight percent of respondents to the poll of 50 senior lawyers and IT directors at U.K. and international firms said firms were falling short when it came to exploiting new technology, while 85 percent said IT skills needed improving.


Less than half of the respondents, 44 percent, said their firms were deploying artificial intelligence.


The findings are contained in a report commissioned by legal technology company Fulcrum GT from the research arm of Law.com’s U.K. affiliate Legal Week.


“Being tech-savvy rather than being an expert is the key point,” Allen & Overy managing partner Andrew Ballheimer states in the report, which is written by freelance journalist and writer Dominic Carman.


“Firms that do well invest a lot of time in training these systems,” adds professor Richard Susskind, a leading author and consultant. “Firms that are disappointed just take them out of the box and expect immediate competitive advantage.”


The findings come as leading in-house legal departments are placing more pressure on law firms to improve their technology.


You can read the full report on attorney technology skills prepared by Fulcrum GT here and continue reading the Law.com story here.



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