Thursday, November 8, 2018

SCOTUS Blog Cites Sirico

Shameless Promotion Department: The blog of the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUSblog)
has cited several of my articles. (piece by Adam Feldman)

An area that has not received as much attention is the justices’ citations to academic journals. This is not to say that such scholarship does not exist. Louis Sirico has a series of empirical articles looking at the Supreme Court’s citations to law reviews, including one from 1986 with Jeffrey Marguiles and one solo authored piece from 2000, among others (here).

My articles on the subject include:

“The Citing of Law Reviews by the Supreme Court: 1971-1999,” 75 Indiana Law Journal 1009 (2000).

"The Citing of Law Reviews by the United States Courts of Appeals:  An Empirical Analysis," 45 University of Miami Law Review 1051 (1991) (coauthored with Beth Drew).

"The Citing of Law Reviews by the Supreme Court:  An Empirical Study," 34 UCLA Law Review 131 (1986) (coauthored with Jeffrey Margulies).

Justice Scalia once said that law review articles have a life span of five years. His generalization seems a bit broad, at least in this case. You never know when your past will pop up again.


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Recognition well deserved!

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Great post

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