Monday, October 8, 2018

What Will Your Students Remember From Your Class in 20 Years?

Probably not much of the content of what you teach. At Chronicle Vitae, Professor James Lang suggests (or hopes) that our teaching will affect “how they think, communicate, or interact in the world.” Here is what he says we want our students to retain:

  • Passion for the subject.
  • A sense of disciplinary literacy. That isn’t about recalling certain facts. It’s about students maintaining a critical, reflective stance toward the subject matter throughout their lives.
  • An understanding of how the discipline matters in other realms.
  • An eye for the big picture.

Professor Lang says that if we focus on these goals, we will design our courses “backwards”:

In designing a course, start with the end in mind. First decide what you want students to walk away from the course with — knowledge, skills, habits of mind — and then work backward into selecting the materials, activities, and assessments that will help them achieve those goals. Many faculty members work the other way around — first selecting the content of the course and then devising objectives based on the content.

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