Monday, October 1, 2018

Use Apple Watch Series 4 to Take an EKG?

Yes, you can take an EKG with an Apple Series 4 watch. But should you? From Mainline Health (excerpts):

There’s not necessarily any harm in making EKG tests available to the general population. It's a portable, affordable way to be more involved in your health care which is a phenomenal thing. However, I do think users need to exercise caution when utilizing the EKG functionality,” says Jason Bradley, MD, sports cardiologist with Lankenau Heart Institute.

While preliminary testing has suggested that the Watch’s EKG results are relatively accurate, Dr. Bradley emphasizes that—just like a traditional EKG test—false positives (a test saying you have a condition when you actually do not) are possible. “Despite the accuracy of this technology, there is still room for error. It looks at your heart from only one angle, versus a traditional EKG, which looks at your heart from 12 different angles. A false positive can be alarming for a person, and might cause them to visit the doctor, emergency department or an urgent care center unnecessarily,” says Dr. Bradley.

As a veteran of numerous EKGs, I would be cautious. If you lack insurance, the device seems to have value. If you have insurance, why not get the real thing?

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