Wednesday, October 31, 2018

preLaw Magazine's list of top law schools for "legal technology"

PreLaw Magazine has published a list of the top law schools for "legal technology" training which the publisher defines as schools that go beyond offering a "basic" menu of coursework addressing the intersection of law and technology, like intellectual property and patent law, but also offer courses addressing emerging technologies like crypto-currencies and blockchain. In creating its "Top 30" ranking of legal technology schools, preLaw graded each school based on the following criteria: 1. The breadth of each school's technology offerings; 2. the number and types of courses it offers; 3. whether the school has a technology oriented clinic, externship or lab; 4. whether it offers a certificate in "technology law" and/or an LL.M. program; and 5. whether the school has a technology oriented journal and/or technology oriented student groups. Based on that criteria, here is the magazine's list of "Top 30" schools: 

1 Suffolk University
2 UC Berkeley School of Law
3 Arizona State University
4 Santa Clara Law
5 University of Colorado
6 Emory University School of Law
7 Brooklyn Law School
8 New York Law School
9 University of Miami
10 Fordham Law School
11 Harvard Law School
12 University of Minnesota
13 Notre Dame Law School
14 UC Hastings
15 University of Missouri - KC
16 University of Dayton
17 Washington University
18 Columbia Law School
19 Stanford Law School
20 Ohio State University
21 Chicago-Kent College of Law
22 John Marshall
23 NYU School of Law
24 University of Pennsylvania
25 University of Washington
26 Vanderbilt Law School
27 NKU Chase
28 Georgetown University
29 Loyola University New Orleans
30 Michigan State University

You can read the companion story describing some of these school's programs in more depth, as well as the ranking criteria used by the magazine, here


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