Thursday, October 4, 2018

New study exams effect of re-watching video lectures as student study strategy

new study by a group of psychology professors has implications for law school classes taught online as well as bar review courses that rely on videotaped lectures. As the study found, re-watching video lectures had no effect on students' ability to remember the material while at the same time increasing students' "mind-wandering." The study, Re-watching Lectures as a Study Strategy and its Effect on Mind Wandering, appears in Experimental Psychology (Sept. 20, 2018) and is available here.  From the abstract:

Material re-exposure (e.g., re-reading) is a popular mnemonic strategy, however, its utility has been questioned. We extend research on re-reading to re-watching – an emerging mnemonic technique given the increased use of recorded lectures today (e.g., in online courses). Consistent with findings from recent investigations of re-reading, there were no benefits of massed re-watching on memory for lecture material and re-watching increased rates of mind wandering. We discuss implications for understanding the cognitive consequences of re-exposure-based mnemonics.


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