Monday, October 22, 2018

"Legal Analysis: There's a Template for that!"

This is a new article by Professor Nancy J. White (Chair, Dept of Finance & Law at Central Michigan University) which will be available shortly at 2 ALSB [Academy of  Legal Studies and Business] Journal of Business Law & Ethics Pedagogy (2018) but you can access it now on SSRN here. It's intended for those teaching undergraduate legal majors as well as first year law students. From the abstract:

Legal analysis is often one of the more difficult skills to teach undergraduate and first-year law students. This skill, related to what is called “legal frame working” in law school, is needed by law students and lawyers, to analyze legal issues and requires the user of the legal framework to have a detailed understanding of the law. This same level of skill is not taught at the undergraduate level, but a basic understanding increases critical thinking and helps undergraduate students conceptualize how the law is used. This paper describes a simplified method for introducing the skill of legal analysis to undergraduate students and first-year law students using a legal analysis template developed by the author.


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