Wednesday, October 3, 2018

"I am Bartacus!"

A story from the New York Times is reporting that Brett Kavanaugh's nickname in high school was "Bart" - which is consistent with Mark Judge's high school memoir called "Wasted: Tales of a Genx Drunk" in which he apparently recounts seeing a completely blotto "Bart Kavanaugh" barf into a parked car. It also reveals that Judge Kavanaugh was less than forthright during last week's Senate hearing by failing to acknowledge that his nickname in high school was indeed "Bart" when questioned about the reference in Judge's book. Of course Kavanaugh couldn't speak to what Judge had in mind and who he was referring to in writing "Wasted." But failing to acknowledge that he, Kavanaugh, went by the name "Bart" was at the very least pretty darn disingenuous. Not to mention pretty darn hypocritical for a federal judge who insists on candor and forthrightness from the parties who appear before him.  This is no example to set for law students or lawyers.

And speaking of intellectually dishonest bullies whose carefully crafted public persona is at odds with their "true" self, I note that the infamous legal blog troll cum law professor known as Pushkin is still teaching at his school.  If you believe this article about what makes an internet troll tick, Pushkin, not unlike Kavanaugh revealed himself to be last week, is a veritable Denver omelette of repressed psychological turmoil. 


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