Saturday, October 6, 2018

From The Girl's Guide to Law School - 3 key lawyering skills you should start developing in law school

Some great advice from our friends at The Girl's Guide to Law School - key skills you'll need as a lawyer that you should start developing while still a law student. If you haven't checked out the The Girl's Guide - please do. They're always posting great tips for law students. In this week's edition, they identify three key legal skills that aren't taught in law but which students should nonetheless start developing to enhance your success in practice. They include: 1. Project Management Skills; 2. Becoming detail savvy (including developing a self-awareness about your own blind-spots and the type of errors you're prone to make as well as the strategies necessary to mitigate them); and 3. Developing resilience and grit (you're going to need it in practice for sure).

Go check out The Girl's Guide for specific suggestions on developing your own strengths and skills in each of these critical areas.


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