Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Fashion Tips for Men

With the increasing number of cable news shows, print media reporters are finding themselves on the TV screen with great frequency. The visual media coverages mean they have to dress better than ever before. I think male professors can learn from their example. The rumpled, shabby prof look doesn’t necessarily work anymore. Here are a couple of passages from the article:

It’s not particularly sophisticated, [John Lemire] says, mostly J.Crew suits his wife has picked out. He has a five-suit rotation that he mixes and matches, and two dozen ties, some that he wears more than the others—most of it newly purchased in the past 18 months. He always keeps a blazer handy in case he needs to run to a studio, and keeps close to the studios in case he gets invited on TV.

For men with this new lifestyle, consistency is key. “It’s like a sports uniform,” said [David] Drucker. And the uniform is simple: solid colors, a dark suit, and a lighter shirt. No patterns. Always the right tie—a pocket square only on occasion—and a different one every day.

“If I have to travel, it makes packing easy,” said Jonathan Capehart, an opinion writer for The Washington Post who regularly appears on MSNBC. “You throw in the gray suit and the blue suit, you throw in navy and an extra gray trouser to go with the navy blazer, and then you load up on shirts and ties and pocket squares. And call it a day.”

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It depends whether you wish to project the image of a lawyer or a professor. I favor the latter, and tend toward tweed and corduroy jackets. Leather patches, not pocket squares!

Posted by: Otto stockmeyer | Oct 10, 2018 6:01:12 AM

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