Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Bar Retakers: Six Things Not to Do

 From Dr. Mary Campbell’s BarWriteGlobal (here):  

Do not trust that what worked in law school will work on the bar exam. You must master every word of the key rules of law that a real lawyer should know. Now is your chance.

Do not skip making study schedules.

Never ever believe that to recognize something is to understand it. Just because you recognize the word does not mean that you understand and can apply the legal principle. Can you explain that rule to someone else? If not, then you don’t know it.

Do not aspire to know everything. To be successful on the exam, pick out the most important rules to know, learn them backwards and forwards, and learn how to apply them—well. You will have your hands full.

Do not trust that if you do only what your big commercial bar review course tells you to do, you’ll be all right. Wrong again. Don’t leave memorizing until the end just because that’s what your review course says. My veterans exploded. “They should be saying, ‘Memorize this rule!’

 Do not assume you know what the mechanics of the exam are: what it is, how it’s graded. Not a good idea. Find out what percentage of your score is the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE), the Multistate Performance Test (MPT), the essays, and whether there is an additional state test and, if so, what it is like. Pace your studying accordingly.

This essay originally appeared in slightly different form as a guest blog post on American Lawyer Media, June 24, 2015, on the blog “The Careerist,” edited and written by Vivia Chen.



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