Sunday, September 30, 2018

Will Coca-Cola Go Cannabis?

Scott Martin writes:

A lot has been said marveling over how mighty Coke is talking to Canadian producers to concoct cannabis-infused products. After all, there’s always a thrill of cognitive dissonance when the establishment shifts.

But while people talk about whether Coke is on the verge of harnessing disruptive power or simply trying to keep its $200 billion franchise relevant, we’ve seen it all before.

This is what happens when an alternative investment class hits the big time. And it raises big questions for high-net-worth   and those who work with them.

Still, Martin is more than cautious. He sees an investment in the project as highly risky. You can find out why by clicking here.

Some of us remember “New Coke.” Here is the company’s version. It offers a good teaching illustration on how to frame a history that is unfavorable to you. You might be interested in reading "Taste Test Problems" on the Wikipedia site for "New Coke."


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