Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Why Law School Applications are Increasing

I’m not sure they’re increasing very dramatically, but, in any case, from Bloomberg:

When students began flocking back to law school after enrollment dropped precipitously starting in 2010, no one could explain why it regained its allure.

So the Association of American Law Schools asked nearly 25,000 undergraduates and first-year law students about their reasons.

Along with Gallup, the association undertook a national survey that found students largely are choosing law school for public-spirited reasons, including viewing the three-year professional degree as a pathway to a career in public service, politics or government.

Some 44 percent of respondents said a law degree was a career path, and a similar percentage said they chose to pursue one because of their strong interest in public interest work.

Slightly lower figures—35 and 32 percent, respectively—said their top reasons were to give back to society and to advocate for social change.

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