Monday, September 17, 2018

FIU Scores Highest on the Florida Bar Exam, Again and Again and Again

If you think you've seen the headline before, you have, but it's true again for the July 2018 Florida bar.  From Howard Wasserman, "A bit of shameless school self-promotion. I am happy to say that FIU College of Law again led Florida law schools in bar passage, at 88.1 %. By my count, this is the sixth time in the past seventh Bar administrations that we have led the state (on the seventh, we finished second, missing by one). We remain a well-kept secret in legal ed."

I have discussed why Florida International has had such great success several times on this blog.  (e.g., here, here, here)  If FIU can do it, other law schools can do it.  Why aren't they?

(Scott Fruehwald)

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