Wednesday, August 1, 2018

More on Westlaw's new legal research tool called "Edge"

We'd previously mentioned Westlaw's new legal research platform called Edge that's due to launch later this year and will apparently be completely replacing the current version of Westlaw (aka Westlaw Next) we've all gotten used to (which, in turn, replaced Westlaw Classic - remember that one? Oh, how soon you forget - here and here).  I don't think the public has used or even seen Edge yet but that hasn't stopped Thomson Reuters/Westlaw from hyping it more than Don Draper on Amphetamines.  If your interested in a brief history of legal research, the origin of the West Key Number system, or the way in which Artificial Intelligence is changing legal research, then check out this (sponsored) column by Above the Law's David Lat called How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Legal Research. You may also want to check out a recent essay by Dyane O'Leary published in Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing about whether and how to incorporate AI into the LRW classroom.

Finally, Perspectives is soliciting "micro-essays" (100 words or less) for the next issue on whether and how Artificial Intelligence is changing what we do in the legal research and writing classroom. The deadline is October 1 and here's where to submit your essay.


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