Saturday, August 4, 2018

Weekend fun: Consider a visit to the Museum of Tort Law

Yup, such a place exists and was founded by none other than consumer advocate extraordinaire and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader in 2015. Known as the American Museum of Tort Law, it's located in Winsted, Connecticut, a bit northwest of Hartford and Mr. Nader's hometown. The day to day operations are handled by a retired tort lawyer and U. Wisconsin law grad, Richard Newman.  A reporter for the New Canaan News who recently visited the museum described it as documenting an absurd amount of corporate malfeasance including the well-known McDonald's "hot coffee" case and a display devoted to the "worst toys" ever made. The museum also includes a full size Chevrolet Corvair - the car that helped launch the entire consumer protection movement by way of Mr. Nader's bestselling book "Unsafe at Any Speed." 

Check out the museum's website here for hours of operation. You can also read a story from the New Canaan News describing a reporter's recent visit here.


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