Monday, July 30, 2018

Revised Hidden Sources of Stress book available beginning this week

As most of you probably known, Larry Krieger has written a wonderful booklet on student well-being.

From Larry Krieger:

"I’ve had several inquiries for the law student well-being and career search booklets for August. With the several recent studies and the National Task Force Report, it was time for a major update and I’m happy to say it is finally done. For those who have used the booklets before, the material remains essentially intact, but also has many updates and improvements I believe."

"You can get a good idea of the booklets by viewing the links below.  The first has the cover, table of contents and first few pages; the second has costs and ordering information if interested.  These are the printer’s files, so the cover is front and back; just picture it folded around the contents.

View cover and intro. pages:

View ordering info. and costs:

If you would like to see the full contents, please email me ( and I will arrange.  You will need a gmail account to view the full contents, so if you don’t have one you may want to take the couple of minutes at or to set that up before emailing me for this purpose. 

Timing is also a question, if you decide to use this material, and especially for entering 1L’s.  Orientation is handy but also presents some problems because of all the other information they are getting and other good reasons that I’ve outlined at the link below.  Given the new research and creation/printing of this revised version, timing may be tight this year to get the books by orientation at some schools, but there are other good options described in the link also.  I expect the books to be printed and available to me by the end of this week (August 3 or so).   For timing suggestions:

(Scott Fruehwald)

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