Monday, July 23, 2018

Please nominate and vote for the Legal Skills Prof Blog for the ABA's Web 100

We've been at this for eight (long) years but so far haven't received the oh so coveted ABA Blawg 100 Award (which is going to be tougher to pull off this year because it's now the Web 100 (Amici) which means we're competing against all manner of law related web-based media - but that's OK, we're a tough bunch too).  The deadline for nominations is August 7.

We'd dearly appreciate it if one (or more) of our loyal readers would nominate us for the ABA's 2018 Web 100 (because you can't win unless you're nominated and we're far too modest to nominate ourselves - aside from the fact that it's against the rules).  I just checked the fine print in the social contract I signed long ago and it confirms that since we've been flogging your stuff for the past eight years (articles, announcements, job postings, etc., etc.), it's time for you to flog ours! 

The handy-dandy Law Prof Network visitor counter says we've had over 3.1 million hits since we started this endeavor.  At least one of you must care, right?  Please nominate us here.  For your convenience, the nominating info is also below:

Help us find best of the legal web--written, spoken or coded

Submit your Web 100 Amici and make your best case for recognition in 2018. Here are some guidelines:

Law Blogs
  • Authors are instantly recognizable as being in the legal field or studying law in the vast majority of their posts.
  • Their insights into the practice of law would be of interest to legal professionals or law students.
  • Most content is unique and not cross-posted or lifted from other publications.
  • The podcaster and guests give insight into the law, legal service or legal practice.
  • Episodes are well-crafted, produced on a regular schedule and not primarily promotional.
Social Media
  • The creator has a sizable presence on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Their analysis, breaking news or viewpoints are succinctly stated, with or without character limits.
  • Their content makes you laugh, think or both.
Web Tools
  • The service is easy to use, whether designed for mobile device, tablet or desktop.
  • Features are innovative or best in breed, with significant adoption rates.
  • The results are useful, accurate and impactful.

Whether in plain English, legalese or Python, there‚Äôs a place for your favorites. Please send your nominations by 11:59 p.m. CT Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018.

(The Legal Skills Prof Blog).

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