Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Connecticut law schools report employment rates rise for new grads

At least in certain practice areas. From HartfordBusiness.com:

CT law-school grads finding jobs as legal-industry employment stabilizes


Ryan Powell is among thousands of recent law graduates studying for July's multistate bar exam, but like many other Connecticut pupils, he isn't worried about finding a job.


That's because Powell, 26, has already accepted an employment offer from Goldberg Segalla, a corporate law firm located in downtown Hartford. And he's not alone. Of the 153 students who recently graduated from UConn's Hartford law school, about 115 pupils (or 77 percent) said they landed a job by commencement.


Industry experts say the legal job market for recent grads has stabilized and begun to rebound in certain practice areas over the last two years after suffering a blow during and following the Great Recession. Consequently, Connecticut's three law schools are reporting high rates of student employment following graduation.


Some larger firms have been expanding and looking to recruit more diverse candidates to meet client needs, says Michael Menapace, new president of the 1,800-member Hartford County Bar Association. Firms are looking to recruit, hire and retain more diverse junior associates than ever before, he says.


"Because clients are demanding better diversity … firms are responding," Menapace said. "Attracting and retaining them is a big issue amongst law firms right now."


Graduates are also fortunate that firms are adding lawyers to accommodate growing practice areas such as cybersecurity, data protection, labor, employment, employee retirement and health care, said Menapace, who is also a Quinnipiac law professor and parter of Wiggin and Dana LLP.


Still, smaller firms in Connecticut aren't growing as fast due to the state's limp economy, he said.

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