Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Survey of law school OCI recruiters who use arbitration agreements

A group of "top" law schools has collected data on which OCI organizations (the data includes mostly BigLaw firms but also includes other organizations like the ACLU Immigrants Right Project and the U.S. Air Force JAG Corps) showing which require summer hires to sign mandatory arbitration agreements in the event of a dispute with their employers. The data also reflects which organizations require summer hires to sign confidentiality agreements. Man, things sure have changed since I was a summer associate (i.e. the idea of having to sign an arbitration or confidentiality agreement was inconceivable).  Here's the story from Inside Higher Ed along with a link to the aforementioned chart:

Law Schools Release Survey of Firms' Arbitration Policies


A group of top law schools on Monday released the results of a survey of workplace harassment policies at law firms recruiting on their campuses.


Those law schools asked the firms last month to respond to questions about mandatory arbitration agreements and other policies dealing with workplace harassment. Student organizers had pushed for the disclosure of those policies, and recent news reports had shown some major law firms required summer associates to sign mandatory arbitration or nondisclosure agreements.


The survey results showed several top law firms require arbitration for workplace disputes, although some noted that they do not require confidentiality and others exclude harassment or discrimination claims. Almost half of the 200 firms that received the survey chose not to respond.



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