Thursday, June 7, 2018

Attorney job placement increases at UMass Law to highest level since 2010

The Dartmouth, Mass law school first began admitting students in 2010 and later received full ABA accreditation in 2016. The Boston Business Journal is now reporting that post-grad attorney job placement numbers have hit an all-time high along with the school's bar pass rate. More details here:

More UMass Law graduates are finding full-time attorney jobs


For the first time since it was founded in 2010, the University of Massachusetts School of Law has placed more than half of its graduates from the previous year’s class into full-time attorney work.


By early this spring, 55 percent of the UMass Law Class of 2017 had found full-time, long-term work that required passage of the bar exam, according to recently published data from the American Bar Association. That’s 15 percentage points higher than its job-placement rate for the Class of 2016.


No law school in Greater Boston experienced a greater year-over-year jump in full-time attorney employment, the ABA data show. Four of the region's law schools had better job-placement rates overall, while two finished with lower rates.


UMass Law, which is located in Dartmouth, started in 2010, when the UMass system took over Southern New England School of Law and turned it into the only public law school in Massachusetts. In the institution’s first years, relatively few graduates found long-term attorney work within a year of graduating: just 29 percent of its Class of 2011 did so, and that rate hovered around 30 percent up through the Class of 2015.


Several factors contributed to this past year’s jobs increase. Most obvious is that a higher percentage of graduates passed the bar exam, a requirement to become a lawyer. In July 2015, 60 percent of first-time test takers from UMass Law passed the bar. Last summer, that figure rose to 75 percent.

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