Sunday, June 10, 2018

Does your law school have a mobile legal clinic?

Unbeknownst to me, Marquette University Law School has had one since 2013 and it's nicely profiled in this article from yesterday's Milwaukee Courier. It looks like a really cool idea - basically a van operated by the school that embodies the very notion of "community outreach" by traveling 4 to 8 times a month (check out this month's schedule here) to engage with potential clients and dispense legal advice.  Here are some more details about Marquette's mobile legal clinic from the Milwaukee Courier:

Mobile Legal Clinic Provides Free Advice


Understanding the legal system is a challenge for some but being able to navigate your way through can be even more difficult. Just like the school system, an individual’s zip code can determine and affect the resources that individual may or may not receive when it comes to receiving legal help.


To counter this injustice, the Milwaukee Justice Center Mobile Legal Clinic: A Project of Marquette University Law School, or Mobile Legal Clinic for short, is providing free law advice to Milwaukeeans.
Mobile Legal Clinic started in 2013. It has multiple events or stops in different neighborhoods throughout the city where they provide legal advice. This month alone they have seven areas in the city where they’ll be located with their bus to give the community legal advice.


Those in search of advice can get help on various topics including evictions, bill collections, child support, foreclosure, small claims (under $10,000) and much more.


“We cover just about anything,” except criminal cases, said AmeriCorps Public Ally Jack Ceschin.


Ceschin works with Mobile Legal Clinic through Public Allies, and he said the project has been increasing in attendees. They’ve gone from around four events per month to around eight, and they’ve already provided help for over 100 people, this year.

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