Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Considering Social Value Orientation as Part of Developing Professional Identity by Pam Armstrong

Considering Social Value Orientation as Part of Developing Professional Identity by Pam Armstrong.


"Set against history, the standards’ language allows the inference then that competent and ethical membership in the profession – professional identity – is “fair personal character” and something in addition to “ethics” – the minimum standard of conduct and professionalism or civility.  Professional identity needs to include the internalized ability and willingness to both be aware of one’s own perspective and its effect as well as to consider and assign value to societal consequences. This combination of private and professional character would be in line with that suggested by Holmes and Cardozo. A lawyer’s habitual awareness of perspective and its effect, followed by intentional decision-making coupled with an attitude of respect toward others and the legal system seem a good starting point as components of professional identity."

(Scott Fruehwald)


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