Friday, June 8, 2018

ABA decides Arizona Summit Law School will lose accreditation subject to appeal

The website is reporting that the ABA notified Arizona Summit (a for-profit law school run by InfiLaw) that it has made the decision to revoke the school's accreditation and that school officials communicated that decision to students via email late on Friday. You can read the ABA's notice announcing its decision to pull accreditation here. The school had been previously placed on probation by the ABA back in March 2017 due to low bar pass rates.  

The school has 30 days to appeal the ABA's decision (until July 9) but meanwhile is required to develop a teach-out plan to assist current students in completing their degree and passing the bar unless the ABA otherwise stays that requirement due to an appeal. 

Here are more details from AZCentral's report:

Arizona Summit Law School to lose American Bar Association accreditation


A private Phoenix law school told its students and faculty by email late Friday that the American Bar Association plans to pull the school's accreditation. 


The decision means that Arizona Summit Law School cannot accept new students and must put together a plan to ensure current students are able to complete their law degrees and take the Bar exam. 


The law school has been on probation by the ABA since March 2017 and a notice published on the ABA's website Friday said that after a review in May, the ABA finds the school is still out of compliance with ABA standards for program rigor and academic support. 


Don Lively, the school's president and founder, confirmed that the school will be putting together a "teach out" plan, as required by the ABA, to ensure current students can get their law degrees.


He also will consult with the school's attorneys to consider appealing the bar's decision. The school has 30 days to appeal. 

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