Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Martindale survey of solos and small firm lawyers finds 73% would choose law again as a career

The findings in this first annual Martindale survey of solo practitioners and small firm lawyers may come as a surprise to some. For instance, among the 7,800 lawyers who participated in the survey, the average annual salary last year was $198K (the survey defines "small" firm attorney as anyone working for a firm with 21 or less lawyers). Moreover, the survey reports that fully 73% of those responding say they would choose law again as a career if they had to do it all over again. For me, anyway, the survey results fly in the face of other reports we often see describing high rates of job dissatisfaction, depression, substance abuse, etc. as well as the impression that many have, I think, that many solos struggle financially especially in rural areas and overly saturated  markets like California, Florida, Texas and New York. The ABA Journal has an executive summary of the survey results here but you can download the entire report yourself here (it requires submitting a short online request to Martindale).


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