Wednesday, April 25, 2018

FIU Scores Highest on the Florida Bar Exam, Again and Again and Again . . .

Florida International University has scored highest on the Florida, February bar exam.  Daily Business Review, Why FIU Dominates the Florida Bar Exam

“You can take really good bar-prep courses … but if the leadup to that isn’t sufficient, it’s going to show up in the results,” said [Dean] Ansah, a Columbia University graduate who teaches contracts, international business transactions, conflict of laws, professional responsibility and jurisprudence/legal theory. “I think our students are doing well on the bar because they’re learning how to write well and communicate well, and they’re learning communication skills throughout the program.”

"At the heart of FIU’s law curriculum is its mandatory legal skills and values program with three prongs over three semesters."

As this blog's readers know, I have talked about FIU's successful bar pass rate many times, mainly because they have scored highest many times.  The reason for their success is that they draw on general educational scholarship to develop the most effective teaching and learning approaches.  I use these approaches in my book, A Companion to Torts: How to Think Like a Torts Lawyer.

(Scott Fruehwald)

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FIU also admits students (median LSAT 156: median GPA 3.63) who are likely to succeed in law school and, based on empirical data, are not at high risk for failing the bar exam. The combination of credible admissions standards, and an assessment and outcome-based legal education, is responsible for the high bar pass rate.

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