Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Proper etiquette for texting in a business context

At least anecdotally, texting has overtaken email as the preferred method of electronic communication for many (to say nothing of using the phone to actually place a call to the other person - no one does that anymore).  So this post by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston at the very helpful Business Writing blog is good and informative one on proper texting etiquette when communicating in a business context. Among the tips, as a preliminary matter, make sure it's OK with the other person beforehand that you communicate by text (and lawyers communicating with clients raises all kinds of professional ethics concerns - see here, here and here, among other links), limit your texts to appropriate business hours, and include your name at the beginning of the message unless your identity will be obvious to the recipient. Check out the full list of tips from Ms. Gaertner-Johnson here which, incidentally, would make a good in-class handout if you plan to teach students how to compose appropriate text messages when communicating with colleagues or clients. 



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