Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A new book on global legal clinical education

Professor of Law Emeritus Richard Wilson of Washington College of Law at American University has a new book out called The Global Evolution of Clinical Legal Education: More than a Method published by Cambridge University Press.  It traces the history of clinical legal education in the U.S. to the present as well as covers the current state of clinical pedagogy both here and abroad. The book can be purchased from Cambridge University Press here or via Amazon here. From the publisher's synopsis:

Globally, the methodologies of legal education have not changed in any fundamental way, some methods dating back hundreds of years. Law schools have relied, for too long, on passive learning methods such as lectures or cases. Clinical legal education provides an alternative that is more than just another pedagogical method. It provides a way for students to experience their emerging professional selves, while providing services or projects with poor and underrepresented clients. This book documents both the historical origins of clinical experiments in the earliest days of US university legal education, and the now-global reach of clinical pedagogy as a proven tool for effective training of legal professionals.

  • Comprehensively documents the earliest history of clinical legal education
  • Provides diverse regional views of the development of clinical training in law
  • Includes empirical evidence from the United States on the benefits of clinical legal education


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