Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Five Habits of Extreme Learners

What are extreme learners? According to one  small study:

They loved to learn. Like extreme athletes, they were passionate and fearless. Instead of letting institutions define what and how they learned, they engineered their own personal ecosystems of learning and connected their learning to earning in creative ways.

Here are their five habits:

1.) They were self-motivated and found connections between their learning and working, both volunteer and paid.

2.) They maintained a strong sense of curiosity across disciplines, often spanning the arts and the sciences. These learners are the type of students prized by many universities and companies: Students interested in a wide range of topics, and deeply knowledgeable in a few topics.

3.) They were networkers.

4.) They were technology savants, accessing a vast world of online learning for resources, contacts, courses, platforms, and tools.

5.) They developed their social-emotional skills, learning to work well in groups and taking on leadership and teaching roles.

How do extreme learners perform in life?

These extreme learners had an entrepreneurial spirit. While they may take on jobs in established companies, they will also do well in the "gig economy," where self-starters fill in periods of underemployment. They developed that spirit as entrepreneurs of their own learning, seeking out projects, identifying supporters, and applying lessons from one experience to the next.

For more explanations and examples, please click here (Education Week).


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