Thursday, January 25, 2018

NY Times: Online Courses Are Harming the Students Who Need the Most Help

Online Courses Are Harming the Students Who Need the Most Help


"But in high schools and colleges, there is mounting evidence that the growth of online education is hurting a critical group: the less proficient students who are precisely those most in need of skilled classroom teachers."

"In the fully online model, on the other hand, a student may never be in the same room with an instructor. This category is the main problem. It is where less proficient students tend to run into trouble. After all, taking a class without a teacher requires high levels of self-motivation, self-regulation and organization. Yet in high schools across the country, students who are struggling in traditional classrooms are increasingly steered into online courses."

"This suggests that these online recovery courses often give students an easy passing grade without teaching them very much."

"Students with weak preparation don’t fare well in online college classes, as recent research by professors at Harvard and Stanford shows."

"The effects are lasting, with online students more likely to drop out of college altogether." "As of now, however, the evidence is clear. For advanced learners, online classes are a terrific option, but academically challenged students need a classroom with a teacher’s support."

(Scott Fruehwald)

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