Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Teaching Client Interviewing

At the Michigan Bar Journal (Dec. 2017), Professor Cara Cunningham Warren explains how she teaches client interviewing in an effort to aid both new lawyers and mentors of students and new lawyers. She identifies the interviewing task and the specific challenges it entails:

One of the most difficult tasks for any interviewer is creating an environment of trust and mutual respect while also delving deeply into the conflict that compelled the potential client to seek legal assistance. I help students address this specific challenge by focusing on facilitative communication and rapport-building behaviors and fact-gathering techniques.

On each of these topics, she gives detailed advice.

You can read her valuable article here.


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Logistics aside, wouldn't it be great if bar exam reform discussions could include simulations like these? Client interviews, negotiation skills, law office practice and management - these skills are what matter and should be summatively assessed along with doctrinal knowledge

Posted by: Greg Bordelon | Dec 28, 2017 8:30:19 AM

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