Saturday, December 23, 2017

Michigan State launches a "legal services innovation" index to measure innovative curricula

The purpose of this project which is part of Michigan State's LegalRnD program is to track and measure which law schools are undertaking an effort to develop a curriculum that focuses on developing student competencies in legal technologies and other law practice innovations.  PreLaw Magazine explains further:

Employers want new lawyers to find innovative ways to add value for their clients. But aside from anecdotes and intuition, law schools do not have a reliable way of measuring — or even describing — what employers are looking for. 


That is why Daniel Linna, director of LegalRnD – The Center for Legal Services Innovation, and his team at Michigan State University College of Law launched the Legal Services Innovation Index, a new initiative that tracks and measures innovation in legal education.


“Clients are asking lawyers to innovate, to use data to get better outcomes and to use technology to deliver legal services,” Linna said. “How can we prepare students to give clients that value?”


Looking at 10 technology and legal-service delivery disciplines, the law school innovation index identifies schools that have undertaken significant efforts to teach competencies in legal technology and innovation. Data analytics, process improvement and technology basics are just several of the disciplines Linna’s team is tracking. The index also looks at related law topics, such as artificial intelligence, block chain technology, cyber security, eDicovery and entrepreneurship and the law.

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