Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Letter to a Future Law Student

At Best Practices for Legal Education (Dec. 1, 2017), Professor Emeritus John Lande offers a letter giving advice to “Kelly,” a future law student. It is the sort of advice that urges the student to hold on to her ideals and visions. He concludes by suggesting some articles:

For more detailed advice, I encourage you to read my former colleague, Steve Easton’s, article, My Last Lecture: Unsolicited Advice for Future and Current Lawyers, and my sequel, My Last Lecture: More Unsolicited Advice for Future and Current Lawyers, as well as my article, Escaping From Lawyers’ Prison of Fear

You can read the letter here. When I was in law school, I consistently stuck to my ideals and visions, but I would have appreciated a bit more support.



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