Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Court Sanctions for Evading Maximum Page Limits

Crafty lawyers have used all sorts of ways to evade a court requirement limiting the number of pages in a document:

Orders and reported opinions catalogue various strategies, including these: presenting the main text in a font smaller than the court’s required font; presenting the main text with spacing less than required double spacing; using excessive footnotes, often single-spaced or in small fonts; or narrowing required margins on the sides, the top, or the bottom of pages.

In a short article in the Journal of the Missouri Bar, Douglas Abrams relates how courts have dealt with the sneaky lawyers (here). Sanctions for Evading Maximum Page Limits on Court Filings 73 Journal of the Missouri Bar 316 (Nov – Dec 2017).


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Here's the best way to make the page limit: edit!

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