Sunday, December 3, 2017

Comparing Political Ideologies: Law Profs v. Law Practitioners

As you might have guessed, this extensive study finds that law professors are more liberal than their practicing counterparts. The major findings (abridged):

Law professors are significantly more liberal on average than lawyers overall (CFscore of -0.84 compared to -0.31) (p <0.01).

There are several additional substantive findings. First, there are relatively fewer conservative law professors than conservative lawyers. Second, differences at the tails of the distribution suggest that law professors hold more extreme political views than lawyers.

Although the findings seem correct, we should consider the limitations of the methodology, which relies heavily on examining which the political candidates law professors favored with financial contributions.

You can access the study here. Adam Bonica, Adam Chilton, Kyle Rozema, & Maya Sen, The Legal Academy's Ideological Uniformity.


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