Saturday, December 30, 2017

800 Years Ago, Early Environmental Statute: Charter of the Forest

This is the 800th anniversary of England’s Charter of the Forest. Its principles have shaped today’s environmental law. From Bloomberg: Steven T. Miano & Isabelle Blouis, Practitioner's Insights: The Charter of the Forest – An Enduring Legacy:

Eight hundred years ago, in England, the Charter of the Forest of 1217 (a.k.a. Carta de Foresta) was established as a complement to Magna Carta. As noted by scholars, the Charter of the Forest is one of the world's first environmental statutes. It has influenced the evolution of law related to the management and protection of natural resources, environmental conservation and land use, over many centuries.

Despite its significance, the Charter of the Forest—sometimes referred to as “Magna Carta's Lost Sister”— seems to have been overlooked with the passage of time. Considering its enduring legacy and its particularly heightened relevance today, initiatives have been and are being undertaken in several areas around the world in order to commemorate and celebrate its 800th anniversary.

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