Friday, November 10, 2017

US News Promotes Legal Writing

In spite of all the mischief that U.S. News rankings cause, sometimes the periodical does something constructive. Recently it published a short article advising would-be law students to check out the legal writing programs of the schools that they’re thinking of applying to (here).

US News does rank legal writing programs at law schools. As with all its rankings, I would take this one with a grain of salt. The high ranking schools have great legal writing programs, but many other schools have programs that are equally as good. In fact, today, most schools with which I am acquainted have great programs.


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Legal writing may be the most essential skill for aspiring practitioners. It cannot be overemphasized and every law school must promote it vigorously. I am pleased US News has taken the opportunity to promote legal writing, noting how this involves analysis and persuasion. Now, law school applicants need to consider what schools have strong legal writing programs before submitting applications.

Posted by: Emil A. Ricci | Nov 12, 2017 5:36:35 AM

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