Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The 10 things every college professor hates when it comes to student behavior

This list was compiled by Professor Lisa Wade, a professor of sociology at Occidental College. If you're a law professor, how many of these pet peeves do you share? How many of these rules do you enforce?  (via The Business Insider and originally published at the blog The Society Pages):

  • Don’t use unprofessional correspondence.

  •  Don’t ask the professor if you “missed anything important” during an absence.

  •  Don’t pack up your things as the class is ending.

  •  Don’t ask a question about the readings or assignments until checking the syllabus first.

  •  Don’t get mad if you receive critical feedback.

  •  Don’t grade grub.

  •  Don’t futz with paper formatting.

  •  Don’t pad your introductions and conclusions with fluff.

  •  Don’t misrepresent facts as opinions and opinions as facts.

  •  Don’t be too cool for school.


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