Thursday, November 30, 2017

Short Articles on Alternative Dispute Resolution

Short Articles on Alternative Dispute Resolution

Here is the latest issue of Resolution, the electronic newsletter of the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee. It offers a number of articles that you may want to pass on to your students. Let me highlight two of them.

In ADR "Don't Get No Respect" — But It Has Preserved the Justice System, the Honorable Richard B. Klein (retired) places alternative dispute resolution in historical perspective and argues that the various methods of resolving legal disputes short of litigation have kept the judicial system from collapsing under the burden of heavy dockets. By the way, Judge Klein has been a pioneer in the plain English movement in Pennsylvania.

In Mediating the Orphans’ Court Dispute, my wife, attorney Patricia (Patti) Brennan, provides a step-by-step guide to mediating these disputes, which are often highly emotional. “Orphans’ Court” is the name for probate courts in Pennsylvania. (By the way, the apostrophe in the name of the court is not a typo.)


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