Monday, November 6, 2017

Reading in the Digital Age: A Review of ‘Words on Screen’ by James B. Levy

Here is a fascinating review by our co-blogger Jim Levy: Reading in the Digital Age: A Review of ‘Words on Screen.’

Have you ever wondered whether the medium or platform affects how much readers engage with the text?  "A book review of 'Words on Screen' by Naomi Baron."


"In sum, 'Words on Screen' reveals that reading is a more complex activity than meets the eye. Individual reading strategies, the chosen platform, and the medium all play a role in how much students engage with the underlying ideas reflected in the text. Changing any of these variables can affect the reader’s relationship with the text which ultimately impacts their understanding and retention of the content. For LRW professors, the value of Baron’s book is that it can help us become more aware of the need to train students in a range of reading styles and platforms that they can learn to toggle between depending on the task at hand. For us and our students, being an effective reader in the digital age is about knowing how to pick right tool for each job."

(Scott Fruehwald)

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