Saturday, November 11, 2017

Five Business Lessons from “The Founder”

The movie, The Founder, chronicles Ray Kroc’s success story in creating the McDonald’s fast food empire. At Attorney at Work, consultant Jared Correia finds five business lessons in the movie:

  1. You have to get lucky.
  1. People won’t like what you’re doing.Whenever you try to do something new or different, haters gonna hate.
  1. You have to want it more than anything (or anyone) else. 
  1. It’s not always about being nice. So, here’s the thing: Ray Kroc was kind of a dick — even if “The Founder” establishes that point at its own pace. He’s the salesman’s salesman. The deal goes downhis way; everything else is secondary. The list of people Kroc screws over could appear at the front of “The Iliad.”
  1. You don’t have to be an innovator.“The Founder” stands for the proposition that successful businesspeople don’t have to have the best ideas … if they can steal the best ideas.

You can read the full explanations here.


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