Saturday, October 28, 2017

Report: The Path to Lawyer Well-Being

This past August, the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being issued its report with 44 specific recommendations for improving the well-being of the legal profession, specifically in light of the problems lawyers face with substance use, addiction and mental disorders, including depression and thoughts of suicide. Here are its recommendations for law schools.

  1. Create Best Practices for Detecting and Assisting Students Experiencing Psychological Distress.

 27.1 Provide Training to Faculty Members Relating to Student Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders
 27.2 Adopt a Uniform Attendance Policy to Detect Early Warning Signs of Students in Crisis.

27.3 Provide Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Resources.

  1. Assess Law School Practices and Offer Faculty Education on Promoting Well-Being in the Classroom.
  2. Empower Students to Help Fellow Students in Need.
  3. Include Well-Being Topics in Courses on Professional Responsibility
  4. Commit Resources for Onsite Professional Counselors.
  5. Facilitate a Confidential Recovery Network.
  6. Provide Education Opportunities on Well-Being Related Topics.

33.1 Provide Well-Being Programming During the 1L Year.

33.2 Create a Well-Being Course and Lecture Series for Students.

  1. Discourage Alcohol-Centered Social Events.
  2. Conduct Anonymous Surveys Relating to Student Well-Being

You can access the report here.


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