Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Forbes article focusing on law schools, competencies, and skills development

Mary A. Lynch (Best Practices), Forbes article focusing on law schools, competencies and skills development.

"Cohen is urging today’s law students to look to the marketplace for 'efficient, accessible, cost-effective, and just-in-time learning tools available to fill knowledge gaps and to teach new skills.'"

"I don’t disagree that law schools need to transform faster, provide more skill building, emphasize the business context in which lawyers are hired to help, and prepare law students for the team realities of today and tomorrow’s economy. . . .  But his claim that only a “handful” of law schools are savvy on these issues – or as he put it have “yet to read the memo” – made my Irish blood boil."

"I invite you to read the article, see what you think and tell us on this blog about what Cohen missed happening at your school!"

(Scott Fruehwald)

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