Sunday, October 29, 2017

Does Experiential Learning Include Learning Mindfulness?

In her recent article, Teresa Kissane Brostoff argues that teaching mindfulness (meditation) is a method of giving students an opportunity for experiential learning.  Meditation for Law Students: Mindfulness Practice as Experiential Learning, 41 Law and Society Review 157 (2017). From the abstract:

Mindfulness practice combined with simulations involving the interpersonal skills of deep listening, counseling, interviewing, and negotiating satisfies the ABA requirement of experiential learning and offers students a new way to approach lawyering skills.

Students learn to reflect, rather than react, while appreciating the intrinsic value of everyone involved in the interaction. Mindfulness training as experiential learning helps students to be ready to approach their professional experiences with focus, presence, acceptance, and compassion.

By offering an experiential learning curricula that includes mindfulness education, law schools will further demonstrate that they care about the well-being of their students and are taking steps to help them to develop balance in their personal and professional endeavors.

You can access the article here.


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