Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Legal sector gains a modest 100 jobs in August.

After the legal sector took a major hit in July losing 3,400 jobs (nearly wiping out all the gains of the previous six months), be thankful for small favors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the legal sector gained back a modest 100 jobs in August. Of course, BLS frequently makes post-report adjustments to its monthly labor stats as more accurate information is acquired so the final figure may eventually change for better or worse.

Also noteworthy is a report by Bloomberg Law that the number of graduating law students who are seeking and obtaining jobs that don't require a JD, the so-called "JD Advantage" position, is growing with more grads going into non-legal fields like technology, business operations and consulting. The Bloomberg story implies that this may be the result of a structural change in the legal marketplace rather than a temporary phenomenon. You can read that story here.


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