Monday, September 25, 2017

Helping Students Develop “Grit” and a “Growth Mindset”

The notions of grit and a growth mindset are in vogue today. I think we understand what grit is. As for the growth mindset, the idea is that many students and teachers assume that students have a fixed mindset, which limits them:

Fixed mindset individuals believe that intelligence and ability are innate. Their early lack of success in attempting anything new often supports the preconceptions about their skills and abilities, making their failure a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

In comparison:

Growth mindset individuals, in stark contrast, believe that abilities and talents can be developed through effort and hard work. Because they realize that failing is a normal part of learning (in order to learn, we must fail), they seek challenges even in the face of failure.

A growth mindset may help develop grit. Or grit may help develop a growth mindset. Who knows?

At Academic impressions, we learn some ways of encouraging students to develop a growth mindset. You can access the article here. Princy Quadros-Mennella & Thomas Mennella, How to Encourage Academic Grit and a Growth Mindset in Your Students.


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