Thursday, September 28, 2017

9/10s of all Cyberattacks Begin . . . How?

From the Wisconsin Lawyer:

According to FBI Special Agent Byron Franz, who works in a cyber unit in Milwaukee, 9/10ths of cyber-attacks occur through “phishing” or “spear-phishing” email ploys.

Hackers will email contacts in a mass distribution (phishing) or target individuals or smaller groups, like law firms (spear-phishing). The email will contain a link or an attachment in the hope that someone will click on it.

“If it’s malignant and people click on these things, it unloads and unfolds, like an evil flower, a virus in your computer or your network, allowing someone to introduce ransomware that encrypts all of your data, or steal proprietary information.”

Apply strict scrutiny to all links and attachments, even ones that look legitimate and purport to be sent by someone you know, says Franz . . . .

Here (under “Briefly,” Sept. 2017 issue).


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