Sunday, August 13, 2017

Columbia Law Dean on skills training for tomorrow's lawyers

Bloomberg Law has published an interesting interview with Columbia Law School Dean Gillian Lester who discusses, among other topics, the evolving set of skills she believes law schools should be imparting to students in order to adequately prepare them to be the practitioners of tomorrow. Dean Lester talks about the importance of incorporating more interdisciplinary perspectives into the classroom and providing students with more exposure to the ways in which law and technology intersect in business and practice including teaching students how to manage digital data. Dean Lester also talks about the need to prepare students to handle legal issues that straddle global and cultural borders since it's unlikely that most will be limiting their practices to purely domestic, homegrown legal work. Finally, she discusses the desirability of training students in leadership skills that can be applied in their law practices and beyond. 

You can read Bloomberg's full interview with Dean Lester here.


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