Friday, June 30, 2017

New Proposed AALS Section on Empirical Study of Legal Education and the Legal Profession

New Proposed AALS Section on Empirical Study of Legal Education and the Legal Profession , by Judith Wegner (former dean North Carolina and co-author of the Carnegie Report) on the Best Practices for Legal Education blog.

"We, as legal scholars and innovative professional staff, have begun to undertake important studies of key issues facing legal education and the legal profession. But we have not done so systematically, and we have not had a very effective support structure to bring our best efforts to bear through skillful research grounded in empirical methods. We also lack ready means to collaborate across the individual silos that separate administrators, podium faculty, clinicians, legal writing instructors, academic support professionals and admissions personnel.

We are getting close to building a stronger network of colleagues interested in taking up empirical research on legal education and the legal profession, through a newly proposed AALS Section on Empirical Study of Legal Education and the Legal Profession. We’ve secured nearly twice as many signatures as required under AALS Bylaws and will be presenting a proposal for the AALS Executive Committee to consider at its upcoming July 2017 meeting."

This sounds like an important proposal.  While the new teaching approaches have been tested extensively in other fields, there has not been as much empirical research in legal education.  For more information and to sign the petition for the new section click on one of the links above.

(Scott Fruehwald)

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